For Startups & TECH ORGanizations

Utility player with a multidiscplinary skill set. 

Marketing + Communications
Business Development + Partnerships
Legal + Policy
Strategy + Product

For VCs & Incubators

Long-time startup geek that expect investors to be bold.

Market Analysis
Community + Platform + Marketing

Experience with: Betaworks, Techstars, The White House, Quire, The Center for Democracy and Technology, The Institute for Information Law & Policy.   


I have extensive experience managing complex projects and company-wide operations for venture-backed companies.

At Moveline—a venture-backed startup that coordinated people's moves—I was hired the day after it launched as the first non-technical employee. Despite having a strong product and thousands of new signups, there were no procedures in place for coordinating the high-stakes, cross-country moves that we said we  between our moving company partners, our internal team, and our customers. I set out to create a 

Marketing + Communications

One of my greatest professional passions is writing. I like writing 

Taking into account the format and how words appear on the page. 

Business Development + Partnerships

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