Why I <3 Product Hunt + Favorite Hunts from March 2014

Interesting product launches go uncovered by the tech press everyday. Journalists know that reader interest is limited, but publication bandwidth is the primary impediment. I experienced this firsthand when I launched my side project Startup{ery back in December. I pitched relevant journalists, they expressed interest in covering the launch, but they had too much on their plates.

Crowdsourced tech news sites like Hacker News help solve this problem. They provide a platform for anyone to share news, ask a question, or even posit a thought. Unfortunately, these sites receive so much volume that few posts get noticed. And the few posts that do are likely irrelevant to your specific interests. I’ve previously written about the new wave of tech news aggregators that help solve these problems. Like many others, I’ve come to cherish one of these sites: Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a perfect resource for people like me that enjoy discovering new products. The required posting style (“[Product Name]—[One Sentence Description]”) is conducive to quickly browsing all of the products posted on a given day. The community is very active too—it hosts several founder interviews a day. And now, whenever I’m interested in learning about a product, I check to see what the Product Hunt community had to say about it.

When I was ready to launch another side project, Happy Inbox, I didn’t pitch a single journalist. I just posted it to Product Hunt. Eight days later, I collected over 1,000 newsletter signups. 

In short, I’m loving Product Hunt. So when Product Hunt’s Co-founder Ryan Hoover suggested that I blog about my favorite Product Hunt finds from March 2014, I thought it would be a fun way to evaluate how much I’ve gotten out of the site. Looking through past posts, I have definitely discovered some great products. Here’s my favorites …

Favorite Hunts from March 2014: