Update the Connector

Whenever someone makes an introduction for you, I think it’s best practice to update the connector on how things went. Here’s why:

  • It’s courteous. If someone went out of their way to reach out to someone else on your behalf, the least you could do is follow up. They’ll likely appreciate it, and it’s a natural way to close the loop. They also won’t be left wondering “whatever happened to X who I introduced to Y.”
  • It can make their day. Telling someone that they helped produce a new, successful relationship will make them feel special. They also might feel as if they had a crucial part in making the relationship happen (which is usually the case). 
  • It can lead to other opportunities. Following up will make the connector more receptive to you asking for other introductions in the future. And even if an introduction didn’t end up being fruitful, the connector might be willing to vouch for you, or offer to introduce you to other people in their network that might be helpful.

Bottom line: follow up!