The iPhone Disrupts Another Industry

Big day for Moveline. We launched our iPhone app. It’s the result of an enormous effort led by our Head of Product, Kelly Eidson, and by our incredible product team which includes Chris Garvis, Adam Gibbons, and Fred Cook. We also couldn’t have launched the app without the help of Ajay Chaiani, Anthony Irwin, and countless amazing Moveline customers who helped test the app. TechCrunch announced the launch this morning, and Kelly wrote an important post breaking down why we built the app

We launched the app on the heals of our visit to one of the moving industry’s largest annual conferences: the Employment Relocation Council’s Global Workforce Symposium in Washington D.C. We had the chance to demo the app to a bunch of industry veterans, and their response was humbling. After having built an industry over the course of their careers and having settled into a seemingly thriving status quo, they see Moveline as a product and brand that will change their industry forever. 

As a product, Moveline for iPhone takes advantage of the iPhone’s video camera. The camera is typically used for filming fun videos with friends or for FaceTiming with a loved one. But by coupling the camera with Moveline for iPhone, it disrupts an industry and innovates a process that has existed for over a hundred years. Our app will save movers thousands of hours of time spent doing in-home estimates, not to mention the expenses involved in doing so. And it will save customers millions of dollars spent to compensate for inaccurate inventories they’ve done over a phone call or through an online form. They’ll also be able to save time by doing an inventory once (not multiple times with multiple companies), and at a time that’s most convenient for them. 

As a brand, Moveline is offering something fresh and radically different to people looking to move. We promise, you’ll never see stock photography on our site, and you’ll never read text that we haphazardly threw together. Our customers’ experience is our highest priority, and we’ll always deliver on it through awesome design, seriously great customer service, and an amazing move. We know that customers today expect nothing less from a consumer brand, and we’re psyched to bring this to the moving industry. 

So if you aren’t moving in the near future, tell your friends that are to use Moveline