Don't Do This If You're Hiring in Tech

  1. Don't list positions on your job page that you aren't actively hiring for. Serious applicants will spend time preparing their application material. Don't waste their time. 
  2. Don't recruit and evaluate candidates for positions that you never intend on hiring for. Saying that you just wanted to "test out the waters" for potential positions after interacting with a candidate for weeks is inconsiderate. 
  3. Don't be inefficient. Have processes and clear steps in place for when you evaluate candidates. Make sure your whole team follows them. Communicate them with candidates and lead. Don't let a candidate languish for weeks waiting to hear back from you. It's inconsiderate and reflects poorly on your company. 
  4. Don't ask for free work products or require a test trial unless you will seriously consider the candidate and their work. Your company isn't the only one asking for this, and genuinely interested candidates will put a lot of time, effort and energy into this work. Don't waste their time. 
  5. Don't ignore applicants. Respond to every single one—even if you get thousands who are clearly unqualified. Automate this if necessary, and do it quickly. Respect their time and the fact that they wanted to work for your company.