Astronaut Chris Hadfield on Orbiting Earth 10 Times in 15 Hours

I recently listened to Terry Gross's interview with Astronaut Chris Hadfield. Hadfield is incredibly articulate of his experiences in space and I highly recommend listening to the whole interview. At one point, Hadfield discusses the time that he orbited Earth ten times while doing a fifteen hour,  solo spacewalk on the outside of his spaceship. I had to share the part where he described seeing Earth and the rest of the Universe:


You're holding on for dear life to the shuttle or the station with one hand, and you are inexplicably in between what is just a pouring glory of the world roaring by, silently next to you — just the kaleidoscope of it, it takes up your whole mind. It's like the most beautiful thing you've ever seen just screaming at you on the right side, and when you look left, it's the whole bottomless black of the universe and it goes in all directions. It's like a huge yawning endlessness on your left side and you're in between those two things and trying to rationalize it to yourself and trying to get some work done.