Product Hunt "Collections"

Since I wrote Product Hunt's Editorial Layer last week, I had a number of discussions with people who have been pondering the same issues I raised. An idea that came out of one of these discussions was a "collections" concept. I can't recall who suggested it—it might have been Erik Torenberg—but I really like the idea.

Adding my own twist to the idea: Product Hunt Collections would let users create curated lists of products. Collections can be public or private, and can have one or more contributors. Contributors can add a Collection description and notes about individual products. Think of it like a Pinterest Board or a playlist. Collections can be searchable, and discovered on its creators' profiles and on a new Product Hunt Community page (where perhaps other content—such as AMAs—can be featured). Collections could also be embedded anywhere on the web, on Twitter, etc.

Things I like about Collections:

  • Product Hunt can remain a platform and doesn't have to get too deep into the crowded business of content creation
  • Rather than trying create one perfect and official taxonomy of categories to organize products by—which would be very tough—members can create their own and browse other's that suit their specific needs.
  • The possibilities are endless. 
    • Regular users can create a Collection for products that they want to try, track or simply share.
    • VCs, salespeople, job hunters and other prospectors can create private Collections of companies that they want to reach out to.
    • Thought leaders can create public Collections of products in their domain.
    • Brands can can publish Collections of relevant products (Ex. Smithsonian's Favorite Science Products; Urban Outfitters' Favorite Party Products for Summer 2014; TechCrunch's Daily Product Recap). 
  • Collections could provide an alternative and potentially easier way to consume the hundreds of products hunted in a given week. 
  • Collections could eventually be open to all Product Hunt users, giving each of them a way to publicly contribute and create on the platform.
  • "Featured Collections" could give Product Hunt another way to monetize its service.
  • Collections can further expose Product Hunt's brand when they are shared or embedded around the web.

What do you think about Collections? Do you have any other ideas for Product Hunt features?