Everday Nostolgia on Mobile

Whenever I travel I add the city that I am visiting to my iPhone's Weather app. But I don't delete the city when I leave. What I love about this is that it's a great way to reminisce about places I have been to when I am doing something as simple as checking the weather at a later time. Annoyingly, the Weather app has a 20 city limit, so I'm always bummed when I have to delete a city to add a new one. I've even wondered: how will I remember that I travelled to the place that I am deleting?

On Twitter yesterday, I saw that two other people do something similar with the Alarm app. Naveen Selvadurai saves alarms he created for when he needed to wake up for significant life moments, such as when he ran a marathon and rode his bike to Montauk. 


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Even more awesome, Taylor Davidson has set a different alarm for each day of the past year. And it looks like he labeled each alarm with a little note.

I'm sure dedicated apps exist that let you input the places you've travelled to and list your life's special moments. You can even use apps like Timehop and Memoir.  But it's nice to encounter a little nostalgia when you're doing something as simple as checking the weather or setting your alarm at night.  

Do you do anything unconventional on your phone that let's you remember what happens in life or that serendipitously results in a little nostalgia?