Shyp—Growth via Pick-up as a Service

Shyp's core service targets consumers that want to ship an item. Instead of searching for the cheapest shipping option, packing your items, and lugging them to the nearest shipping center, you can use Shyp. Simply take a picture of your item with the Shyp mobile app and enter your location and the item's destination. Shyp will send over a Shyp Hero who will pick up your item, pack it, and ship it through the least costly and most reliable courier. It's a delightful experience that saves you money and a head-ache. 

Even smarter, Shyp has an enterprise offering. It's a great option for small businesses, Etsy sellers, Ebay PowerSellers, and others that ship lots of items but are too small to setup their own sophisticated shipping operation. I love it when consumer businesses find such a use case in the enterprise. It gives the business a clear sales strategy and the potential for enormous growth. 

There are two other enterprise opportunities that I would love to see Shyp experiment with. 

E-Commerce Returns

The first is e-commerce returns. There are many consumer-oriented and high-end online retailers that try to make their customers' experience with them as delightful as possible (Zappos, Warby Parker, Rent The Runway, etc.). Shyp has the potential to be very helpful here as a service that facilitates seamless returns.

Marketplaces & On-demand Services

The other opportunity involves providing pickups for niche online marketplaces and the long-tail of on-demand services.  It would be great to see Shyp help the makers over at CustomMade, and the users of on-demand services like Gone

Of course, with each of these opportunities people can just drop off pre-paid boxes at their local shipping center, but this one of the main inconveniences that Shyp—or a while labeled version of it—can help them avoid. And services that care about a delightful experience will value this.