Product Hunt's Editorial Layer

Product Hunt is doing well. It's doing so well that it's sometimes hard to keep up with the deluge of products and comments posted on a given day, let alone make sense of the broader trends that they represent. This is a good problem and it leads to an opportunity.

Specifically, I would love to see more editorial features. The Product Hunt team already produces podcasts through Product Hunt radio, and their daily email regularly starts with helpful recaps of trends and noteworthy products. But these efforts only touch the surface. There's still a great deal of products and trends surfaced on Product Hunt that can benefit from additional summaries, explanations and commentary. I think this is partly why there is a common desire that Product Hunt introduce categories—people want context.

It's ironic that my recommendation seems to push Product Hunt in a direction that makes it more like the incumbents (TechCrunch, Pando Daily, etc.). But I'm not really recommending that it be like them. I think there are classy and novel ways for Product Hunt to produce content that helps people more easily digest all the information that the site produces.

I would love to see articles that group together related products and that highlight noteworthy discussions and interviews from the comment threads. I would also love to see products shared in alternative, more digestible formats—whether it be via more visual articles, tabular layouts, or categories finally being built into the product. Worth noting, categories raise the issue of products not being able to fit in them neatly (or they would at least add an unnecessary complexity), but I think a concerted and creative effort at it can make it work.  

Finally, products could be the substantive focus of Product Hunt's content—with funding and business matters being only ancillary. It would be TechCrunch without the drama that only industry insiders care about.  It would be a broad offering that maintains Product Hunt's positive ethos of celebrating products.

TechCrunch without the drama that only industry insiders care about.

What do you think? Would you like to see Product Hunt, or even someone else, create content and other features that make Product Hunt easier to consume?