New Website

I recently had a few too many websites that made up my web presence. 

  • A page at—my main hub
  • A Tumblr at—my blog
  • A Squarespace site at—showcased my photography (hosted on the old Squarespace 5 platform)
  • A Tumblr at—where I've curated photography (haven't added photos to it in years)

I disliked how scattered this was. I disliked having a pointless "hub." I disliked how allowed for little customization. I disliked Tumblr as a blogging tool—the editor was very unpleasant and didn't allow for even basic formatting, such as headings, tables, etc. (even with custom HTML/CSS). And I disliked Squarespace 5.

So I finally centralized the first three websites into one website—which is what you're reading this post on. It's hosted on Squarespace 6. I've migrated most of my old content here. I included a projects tab—which I feel is a bit unnecessary—but I'd like to use it to showcase some stuff I've built on the web. More importantly, I'd like to highlight the projects that didn't succeed and aren't represented anywhere else. Overall, I love the new design and simplicity.