New Photographs + The New Website

[Imported from my old photography website]


I've finished producing many (that's a relative term- lets say 60-70) new photos over the past few weeks. The photos were shot all over- many in New York and many in Israel (I went to Israel twice during Summer 2008).

I've added some of these photos to the website, but have been facing some issues:

(1) My colors are getting messed up! I've edited most of the photos using a color gamut that is better for printing, as opposed to displaying them online. The problem seems to effect black and white photos as well. Viewing the website in a Safari browser makes the colors a bit more true, but I may go back and retouch the photos with a better gamut. (If you have no idea what I just said- don't worry! It's one of the most difficult, and annoying, technical issues that digital photographers face.)

(2) I'd really like to figure out a better way to organize the galleries. I feel that the current, subject-matter display (i.e. City-Scapes, Aerials, etc.), is a little lame . It feels like an online shop or something. Maybe I'll organize them by the location they were shot in, chronologically, or something more original. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Regarding the Website and my Photography in general:

- While this website is live and running, I frequently say to those I promote it to that it hasn't "officially launched" yet. I guess I am waiting for the above issues to be worked out, and also to add many more new and old photos. I've also taken a bit of a hiatus from photography so I would like to come back pretty strong- with a great website full of new photos, and hopefully some work on display in art shows. You'll definitely hear from me (via my shameless self-promotion, artists gotta do it!) when this happens.

Also, here is a shot of the Municipality Government Building in Rabin Square, in Tel Aviv, Israel (taken in August 2008)

dsc_0026 copy.jpg

Alright... thanks for checking in!

- Geoff